About Us

Software testing department that is easily managed

Software companies need top talent to ensure quality. We can help them develop great products and implement excellent software development processes.

16 Years of experience

We were founded in 2006 and have nearly five years of experience testing software.

255+ QA engineers

1300+ For established and startup businesses, we have completed projects

What you get from us

You get all the tests you need by working with us. With us, you can have a full-fledged QA department without the time and effort required to do it internally.

Establish a mature QA process

Our experience has shown that software failures are mainly caused by how the development process is structured. We will fix any operational problems and establish a testing process. This allows for fewer failures, faster product development, and better quality products.

All critical software issues can be found here

We are often asked by clients to reproduce defects that they cannot replicate in-house. We have extensive experience in diagnosing issues. All major types of automated and manual testing are performed to identify any potential problems in your application.

Reduce administrative expenses

Hiring QA-teams in-house can be more expensive than hiring our experts. All administrative costs, including taxes, workstations, tools, and office space, are covered by us. We take care of all overheads and pay only for actual software testing.

Raise customer satisfaction

High quality products will increase customer satisfaction, and users are more likely to recommend your product. We were created to bring the best web and mobile apps to the market. Our collaboration has resulted in high customer satisfaction.

Our principles

These principles are what makes us world-class quality professionals in quality assurance.

1. We are focused on preventing defects

Prevention is better than treatment. Software testing is no different. It is our job to make sure the quality of the software development process and its results and not just find bugs. We find the root cause of defects, and create a plan to prevent them.

2. We work alongside the team and not against it

Although a tester may have an amazing skill set and expertise, it doesn’t matter if they are unable to work together. We are team players. We “integrate” ourselves into software development teams, and we work together as one entity.

3. We try a product in our shoes when we do so.

Well aware that software testing’s main purpose is to produce quality products. Quality products offer a great user-experience, even though UX is not the main focus of QA. We test products to ensure they meet the needs of those who will use them.