Top Testing & QA Services Provider Companies 2022

Top Software Testing Companies: Top QA/Testing Services Providers Company 2022 Reviews

Do you need a independent software testing company to improve the quality of your IT applications? Are you still unsure about how to improve the quality and performance your IT application after conducting in-house research?

You don’t have to spend thousands to create and maintain a testing team or process. You can instead use the cost-effective services of QA software testing service providers all around the globe.

We have created a listing of the top QA software testing organizations in the world.

These QA Vendor Companies can offer you the best solutions and greater control over the process. This will result in higher productivity for your existing teams and releases. It is always a good idea to outsource testing work to specialized service companies in order for cost-cutting and the creation of a quality product that is competitive on the market.

Detailed Review of the Best QA Software Testing Companies Worldwide


BugEspy offers a range of services that provide software testing solutions that are optimized to cover every product’s life cycle. With a team made up of highly qualified ISTQB-certified QA engineers, they offer the best value in the market.

HeadQuarters: Lahore, Pakistan
Sales Office, Georgia USA
No.of Employees: 50 – 100
Services/Cost: $12 – $20/hour
Core Services: Manual testing, Automation Testing and Performance Testing. Penetration Testing. Dedicated QA team.

Testriq QA Lab

Headquarters: Mumbai, IN
Packages/Service Cost: Get a quote

Core Services –Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Independent Software Verification and Validation, Managed Software Testing Services.

Verdict The Industry-Leading Startup With 30+ ISTQB Certified QA Professionals with an average of 15+ Years of experience in software testing, and a full range of software testing services.

Aspire Systems

Headquarters: US
Packages/Service Costs: Please contact us with any questions

Core Services: Enterprise Application Test Automation, API/Microservices Test, Performance Testing and Functional Testing. Test Consulting, DevOps Test, Mobile Testing. Managed Testing Services. User Acceptance Testing. Usability Testing. System Integration Testing. SaaS/Cloud testing.

Verdict – We offer end-to-end testing, and can reduce testing efforts by up to half the time. Our focus is on AI-led automation.


Headquarters: Fairfield, CT (US)
Revenue: US$80 M
Packages/Service Cost: Contact them for a quote
Core Services, Cyber Testing and Managed Testing Services, DevOps Testing & Other Testing Services.
Prominent clients:Microsoft. Fujifilm. MultiPlan. Avaya. Stratus Technologies.


Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
Packages/ Service Cost: Contact them for a quote.

Core Services –Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, QA Consulting and Audit.

Prominent Clients: InGo, FindHotel, expressHR, XOLA, BusinessApps.
Verdict: It offers full-cycle QA services.


Core Services: Application Testing and Performance Testing. Test Automation. Security Testing. Usability Testing. Accessibility Testing. Consulting.

QAlified, a company that specializes in software testing and quality assurance, focuses on solving quality problems through reducing risk, maximising efficiency, and strengthening organisations.

Independent partner who can evaluate the quality of any software. More than 600 projects in Banking and Financial Services, Government (Public Sector), Healthcare, Information Technology.

QA Wolf

Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Revenue: US 1 – $10 M

Packages and cost of service: Fixed pricing without hourly charges For a quote, contact them
Core Services: End to end test automation for web apps and Salesforce.
Prominent Clients: Not disclosed

Verdict QA Wolf was the first software to automatically convert user analytics into test cases. The team can guarantee 80% coverage in 90 days at a fixed rate.


Headquarters: Mechanicsburg, US
Revenue:US 10-25 M
Packages/ Service Cost: Contact them for a quote.

Core Services:Functional and Non-functional testing, Test advisory, consulting, Some specialized Testing services such as Data migration testing Mobile app testing.

Prominent clients:Clients in banking, financial services, and insurance.

Verdict Offers flexible solutions according to your needs. Excellent in time keeping and offers prompt delivery. Company ISO certified


Headquarters: California, USA
Revenue:US 5-10 M
Packages/Service Cost: Get a quote.

Core Services:Automation testing, API Testing and Functional Testing, Mobile Testing. Salesforce Testing. DevOps services.

Prominent Clients: Telespree, Facebook, eBay, IBM, Oracle,, Riverdeep, Prudential.

Verdict Provides testing solutions that meet customer requirements and offers customizable pricing plans.
To deliver quality work using the hybrid onsite and offshore model.


Headquarters, Pila (Poland, Europe).
Service cost/ packages: Flexible pricing options.

Core Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing and Functional Testing, Non-functional Testing, Functional & Functional Testing, Web Application Testing and Mobile Application Testing. QA Outsourcing.

Prominent clients: Auctions Online Scandinavian, Simple Auction Site. VMS Software Solution. Collectors Weekly.

Verdict Expert in E-Commerce Testing, Agile Methodology, Long-Term Contracts, Dedicated QA, All Workers Located in Poland


Headquarters, Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Packages/ Service Costs: Contact them for a quotation.

Core Services, Dedicated QA Team Mobile application testing Web application testing Automation Testing Testing Automation Performance Testing UI/UX Testing Consulting

Prominent clients: Distractify (Microsoft), Skype, Distractify (Huffington Post), SkyHook.
VerdictIt offers full-cycle QA services.


Headquarters: New York, USA
Revenue:US $1-2 M
Packages/ Service Cost: Contact them for a quote.

Core ServicesMobile Testing and Load Testing, Load Testing QA Recruitment Services, Security Testing, Application Testing

Prominent Clients: Sweetrush, Mediaspectrum, Globale, WebShadow, Marsys, PageSuite, SpiralScout, DCV technologies.

Verdict It provides services to many industries, such as banking and healthcare. It offers flexible outsourcing models and customizable testing processes.


Headquarters A distributed business with clusters of employees in Austin, the Bay Area and Estonia.
Revenue: US $5M – $20M

Core Services: Mobility Testing, Functional Testing and Usability Testing. Payments Testing. Location Testing. Exploratory Testing. Regression Testing. Automated Testing.

Prominent clients:, American Express. CBS, Microsoft.

Verdict Only 3% of the testers are accepted into the network. You can choose from a range of managed or co-managed testing options.

Mindful QA

Headquarter Los Angeles (all American workers)
Service costs/packages: Simple hourly pricing without long-term contracts.

Core Services: Manual testing, Automated testing, Performance Testing and API Testing, iOS & Android App Testing, Software Testing and Website Testing.

Prominent clients: Google.

Verdict A trustworthy QA company that has reliable Agile QA testers who are available quickly, no matter if you require them full-time or for 20 hours. Flexible process that allows testers to join your Jira, standups, or Slack groups as needed. Founded by QA professional of 10+ years, and named “Top 50 Tech Visionary for 2019”.


Headquarters: California, USA
Revenue:US $8-10 M
Packages/ Service Cost: Contact them for a quote.

Core ServicesMobile & Web Application Testing, Automation Testing API Testing, Big Data Analytics & Telemetry.

Prominent clients:Cisco. At&t. Verizon Wireless HP. HighTail. openADR. Hawaiian Electric. Adobe.

Verdict: Offers flexible service model, On-shore support & Ongoing ROI.

Global App Testing

Headquarters: London, UK
Revenue: $9M

Service Price/Package: There’s three packages, i.e. Base, Localized, Enterprise.

Core Services: Mobile App Testing. Localized Testing. Exploratory Testing. Test Case Execution. Functional Testing.

Prominent Clients: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Instagram, Depop, Craigslist, Verizon, Citrix, Evernote, etc.

Verdict Global App Testing is trusted by top developers around the globe and has tested over 6400+ apps. They offer best-in-class functional and app testing at lightning speed. Global App Testing combines crowd testing with intelligent automation to ensure high-quality software is released anywhere in the world.


Headquarters, San Francisco (USA)
Packages/ Service Costs: Get a quote

Core Services: Software Test Automation, Performance, Accessibility Testing and Mobile Testing. Tool Development, Test Management, Crowdsourced Test Management.

Prominent Clients: BBVA Bank, Shutterfly, Benefit Cosmetics, Verifone, Broadcom, Heartflow, Threads, PedidosYa, Pernod Ricard.


Since 1999, iBeta Quality Assurance has provided critical outsourced software testing services to some of the most trusted brands around the globe. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small start ups, and they are all located around the globe. The entire process is performed in Denver’s fully equipped lab measuring 40,000 square feet.

Headquarters: Colorado, USA
Founded: 1999
Revenue: US $ 5-10M

Core Services: Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Load & Performance testing. Mobile testing. Website testing. Accessibility testing. EPCS certification. Overall quality assurance.

Clients Hasbro and Ricoh, Express, Quiznos. Pitney Bowes. Gold’s Gym. Jawbone, Irisguard. DaVita. Sandia National Laboratories. US Department of Homeland Security. US Drug Enforcement Administration. And many other. Most work is done under non-disclosure agreements, which prohibit the disclosure of client names.


  • Functionality iBeta will examine the functionality of your responsive website or mobile app and create clear bug reports.
  • User Experience: This tool will analyze user experience on your website or mobile app across all devices.
  • Continuous communication: iBeta teams will adjust to your development process in order to give you the right feedback about your mobile testing project.
  • Actual devices: Performs mobile testing using a variety of hardware, operating system, and browser versions across different carriers (no emulators).
  • Large inventory: iBeta has a huge selection of phones and tablets in its lab. We are constantly adding new devices to ensure that we have the best mobile device selection.


Headquarters, Reston (Virginia)

Core Services: Software Testing, Web Application Testing and Mobile Application Testing. API Testing.

Verdict XBOSoft improves the quality and efficiency of your software through its entire lifecycle.


Headquarters: Colorado, USA
Revenue: US 10 M
Packages/ Service Cost: Contact them for a quote.

Core Services:Consulting and Test Automation, Web Application Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Pre-certification testing. Documentation.

Prominent Clients: Emt, Acronis, Genesys, Croc, GFI, Lanit, ForexClub, QIWI, Adidas, Turkcell, InterCall, Equisys, Kaspersky.

VerdictProvides results-oriented QA services and Full-Cycle Testing, dedicated teams for long-term and mid-term projects.
Automated testing services

QA Mentor

Multi-awards CMMI Level 3 Approved, ISO Certified Global Software Testing Company based in New York. Serving 427 clients in 28 countries and 12 different industries for more than 10 years.

Headquarters: New York, USA
Revenue: US $ 5-10 M

Packages/Service cost

  • The Economy Package starts at $15 an hour for Manual Tester.
  • Automation Testing Services starting at $19 an hour for Automation Engineer
  • Performance Testing Services start at $20 an hour for a Performance Engineer.
  • Security Testing Services start at $21 an hour Security Penetration Tester

Core Services: Automation Testing and Performance Testing. Mobile and Browser Testing. Usability Testing. Security & Penetration Testing. QA Audit.

Prominent clients: HSBC and Citi, Morgan Stanley. BOSCH, Experian. Aetna.

Verdict – Flexible engagement models that can be tailored to any budget, including on-demand testing, 5 shifts operations and 24/7 coverage, weekend shifts and 83+ industry awards and recognitions.

10 Best Testing & QA Services Provider Companies in India

With their excellent services, Indian software testing companies have been a success worldwide. Below is a list of companies that offer high-quality QA testing services.

Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems, a global technology company, helps accelerate application delivery by using Hyper-Testing. This multi-layered testing strategy includes best practices in Agile, Continuous Testing and DevOps.

We offer many testing services, including Managed Testing Services. All types of testing are covered by our core services, including API Testing, Functional Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, and Usability Testing. Our special services include testing for Mobile, SOA and Cloud with an emphasis on AI-led Testing.

We have been serving customers in a variety of industries for the past 20 years. Our focus has been on Software, Hitech, Insurance, Banks and Financial Services. The company has more than 150 customers worldwide.


Independent Software Test Consulting and Services firm. They are backed by 30 highly qualified QA professionals with an average of 12+ years experience in software testing. Their goal is to offer a full range of software testing services while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Indium Software

With over two decades of experience, Indium Software is a leader in QA testing services. They provide a broad range of software testing services to next-generation AI/ML applications. Over the past 20 years, the company has worked with Fortune 500 clients, large-scale companies, and SMEs.

Indium serves clients in many industries, including Banking, Technology and Healthcare. Customers can use Indium’s IP-led automation framework iSAFE to fulfill their test automation requirements.


QA InfoTech

Thinksoft Global





CredibleSoft Technology Solutions